This AR App Is Like Minecraft for Drone Pilots

Dronebase pilots can build their own AR race tracks in the sky.

Whether decorating your home with virtual furniture or entering inter-dimensional portals, we’re now seeing an endless stream of augmented reality (AR) apps for your mobile device that transform the world around you in creative ways.

Now one company wants to take AR to the skies—letting drone pilots create, edit, and share objects in the sky. The AR platform dubbed AirCraft, can be used for both commercial and recreational drone use and lets pilots of any skillset overlay 3D assets onto their first-person view when flying.

Visually similar to the blocks we’ve grown familiar with from Minecraft, AirCraft lets you select from a library of blocks to place them roughly 10 meters in front of the drone’s camera. The best part is that after placing your blocks in the world, you can then fly in and around your creations. Essentially you can create your own drone race tracks or add onto existing real world landmarks to customize the world you see through your drone. The open world format also allows anyone using AirCraft to view and build upon what other pilots have created.

AirCraft has so much potential outside of just art and gaming as well. DroneBase is apparently working with a construction firm to help employees and clients visualize what a building can look like on an empty plot of land from above.

“I’ve recently spent time testing out AirCraft, and I’ve quickly realized how fun and innovative the technology truly is,” said George Garcia, a New Jersey-based DroneBase pilot. “Drones help us interact with the world in completely unique ways, and the features offered by AirCraft expand on this interaction in a way that I’ve never seen done before. From simply making fun objects in parks and on mountains to making additions to large structures, AirCraft is both enjoyable and practical.”

AirCraft is available as a beta feature in the DroneBase app for iOS (with an Android version coming soon).

Image Credit: DroneBase

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