AR App Cupixel Helps You Find Your Inner Artist

Access live and on-demand lessons from artists around the world.

Cupixel is a unique smartphone app that removes the barrier around creating art by making it possible for everyone to explore their own unique creative outlet.

The app uses augmented reality (AR) and ‘Smart Trace’ technology to cast outlines of various images over the real world. You can choose from a gallery of preloaded content or project a picture from your own library onto any flat surface.

Cupixel helps you develop the basic skills necessary to start creating art on your own. As you make your way through the app, you will uncover different tips and tricks from official Cupixel artists as they guide you through step-by-step lessons available live or on-demand.

The app has already attracted the attention of one of the biggest retailers of art and craft supplies. JOANN recently announced that they will be investing $5M in seed money to help the company grow. 

“JOANN is committed to bringing our customers the best tools and assortment available and has been investing in the latest craft technology over recent years,” said Rob Will, Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer at JOANN in an official press release. “We believe that Cupixel is at the cutting edge and is providing users of all skill levels with the unique and significant rewards that come from creating art.”

In addition to Cupixel’s menu of interactive AR tools, you can also purchase the Cupixel Acrylic Art Set, a physical art set with premium materials such as high-quality paints, brushes, and canvases for paintings.

There’s also a Greeting Card Set filled with art supplies for creating your own personalized greeting cards, including premium blank card stock and envelopes, 12 dual-tipped markers, and a selection of greeting card covers. 

In the same press release, Elad Katav, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Cupixel said, “Cupixel offers daily live and on-demand art experiences that continually provide value for our users and their families —whether they are making greeting cards, uploading their own photos and drawing them, or more — everyone can produce their own masterpiece.”

To learn more about Cupixel, just hit the link and check out their website. I would also recommend checking out Cupixel’s YouTube page for some great how-to videos.

The Cupixel app is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store for $12.99/month. Cupixel also offers a limited experience to users for free.

Image Credit: Cupixel

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