April Fools’ Virtual Reality Edition

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April Fools’ is one of those days many shy away from news stories or even the internet in general to avoid being duped by news sites and brands online. Virtual reality was no exception to the pranks and fake stories hitting the web today.

Today we bring you the April Fools’ rundown, Virtual Reality edition.

Marketing Agency Cramer Invests in Virtual Reality for Dogs with ‘Pawculus Rift’ Project

Cramer’s VP of Technology in a press statement, “The Pawculus Rift is going to revolutionize the dog gaming industry. Mainly, because there isn’t one.


Introducing Playstation Flow, A Watershed Moment Wearable Tech and VR

The PlayStation Wearable Entertainment Technology Group, or PWET, takes on the wearable and virtual reality tech market with the PlayStation Flow, a wearable tech version of swimming goggles and water wings.


Entrepreneurs Create Virtual Reality Experience Allowing Everyone To Relive College

Two entrepreneurs have invented a virtual reality product that will allow everyone to relive college as often as they want in their UniVRsity experience, currently raising funds.



Jetsetter Launches New Travel Experience PERCEPTION, a Virtual Reality Hotel

With limited availability, you’ll be among the first in the world to experience a virtual reality vacation. Perception is a whole new level of vacation.



SnakeVR Turns You Old Nokia Phones into an Immersive VR Game of the Mobile Classic

The creators of SnakeVR state that their dedicated team of VR experts have racked up over 2,300 hours of Snake playtime, perfecting every aspect of the game.

RoadtoVR is reporting: Crowdfunding Platform Bans Projects Based on Name Alone, “No more VR,” says CEO

One last one from Palmer:

Did we miss any? Leave a comment and we’ll update the list.

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