Apple Reportedly in Development on Combination AR/VR Headset

Apple could soon be dominating the immersive market as rumors swirl around their unannounced AR/VR headset.

A recent Cnet report has the the immersive industry in a tizzy as rumors regarding Apple’s still yet-to-be-announced combination AR & VR headset have begun circulating once more.

According to the report, Apple is currently in development on a new AR/VR headset (a first among major headset manufacturers) featuring dual 8k video displays for each eye. Codenamed “T228,” the headset will be an entirely standalone device capable of working independently of an iPhone or iMac.

If the rest of Cnet’s report is to be believed, we could be getting our hands on this multipurpose Apple device as early as 2020.

Last September Apple launched their wildly popular ARKit augmented reality platform to the welcoming arms of thousands of iPhone developers. It was an overnight success, marking a new chapter in Apple’s history. A dedicated, hands-free headset capable of running the ARKit platform without the need of an iPhone or iMac would be the logical next step in Apple’s campaign for immersive dominance. They’ve also shown their strong enthusiasm to AR facial tracking with their line of high quality ‘animojis’ for iOS.

VR on the other hand…with their only attempt being a soft push last year to bring pre existing VR platforms to Mac computers, this could also signify Apple’s newfound dedication to VR, serving as their first ‘real’ commitment towards the technology.

Of course it goes without saying that all of this is just speculation until Apple chooses to reveal more insight into their shadowy, black op level project. We’ll keep our eyes open for any more updates regarding this ambidextrous immersive hardware.   

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