Apple Teases New ARKit 2 Experiences At 2018 Keynote

Science-based basketball training and oldschool Galaga with a multiplayer twist heads to iOS via Apple’s advanced augmented reality platform.

Apple’s 2018 keynote event has officially come to a close and it appears as though iOS fans have much to look forward to over the coming months. The California-based technology company had no shortage of fresh hardware and exciting software updates to showcase, including a new Apple Watch with electrocardiogram functionality, as well as a more powerful iPhone Xs and Xs Max.

Among these exciting announcements were two impressive AR-based experiences running on Apple’s powerful ARKit 2 platform.

Developed by Directive Games, the same studio that brought us Super KaijuGalaga AR, is the first in an upcoming line-up of augmented games as part of the companies AR Arcade Series. A 21st-century twist on the 1981 classic, ARKit 2.0 technology brings the oldschool title to life as you battle incoming waves of crystal-clear enemy ships and bosses within the real world. Multiplayer functionality lets you and up to three friends shoot down baddies together as they battle for the highest score. 

This is possible thanks to the uber-powerful A12 Bionic chip featured in their new iPhone Xs line-up. More classic arcade games are expected to receive the AR treatment as Apple continues rolling out their AR Arcade Series. Here’s hoping we’ll see an AR Frogger title in the near future.

Galaga AR will be available for download later this year as part of the Apple’s AR Arcade Series.

For a more productive AR experience, Homecourt is brings professional level basketball education to iOS users. Revealed with the help of eight-time NBA All-Star Steve Nash, the app can best be described as a science-based basketball training tool that uses AI & AR technology to track and analyze a players performance.

By pointing the smartphone camera at an athlete while they play, the app is able to monitor their stance, shot technique, and other crucial aspects of their performance to provide real-time feedback on how to improve. For example, while performing a “catch and shoot” technique, the app measures leg angle, release time, speed, release angle, and release height.

Homecourt is now available for download free on iOS.

Image Credit: Apple

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