This App Lets You DJ with Vinyl in VR

Maybe you really don’t need that audiophile turntable for Christmas this year.

We all know that the possibilities for music and VR are pretty wild, and now we have a new entry to add into the mix: Vinyl Reality.

Whether you’re an aspiring DJ or a curious enthusiast, this application puts the spinmaster powers completely in your hands—at a fraction of the cost of buying the physical hardware.

Berlin developer EntroPi Games is behind Vinyl Reality, the first app that enables users to create mixes based on “actual” vinyl.

Many cite vinyl’s tactile quality among its greatest attributes, so the company went to great lengths to achieve a high degree of realism in the experience, consulting professional DJs to ensure the highest degree of accuracy.

In addition to refining the two turntables to exhibit realistic behavior, features include a 2-channel mixer with per-channel EQ, PFL, and gain; lifelike motion controls; unique virtual headphones to preview cued channels; and separate audio output for performance and live-stream settings.

To get started, just load up your personal collection (in digital format) and place the records on the plates, and get to mixing.

When you’ve cut your masterpiece, export the recordings as high-quality .wav files and share them through the media channels (2D or immersive) of your choosing.

This can all be yours for $15 on Steam. And if you do start making mixes, be sure to share your video, audio, and immersive creations with us!

Image Credit: EntroPi Games

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