New App Lets You Control Ableton Live Music Software In VR

One of music production’s most popular programs comes to VR in the form of a 3D sample and mixing interface.

As VR continues its infiltration into mainstream technology, developers are scrambling to discover that “it” factor that will send the humble hardware skyrocketing in popularity. This of course includes the music industry who, in the midst of a desperate struggle to adapt and evolve, is searching for its own salvation. TheWaveVR has given us a glimpse as to what the future of production as well as performance could look like, but it still lacks the support of already-established names in software for now.

Enter AliveInVR, a new virtual reality music production tool available on SteamVR. Whereas TheWaveVR uses its own simplistic mixing software to deliver a by-the-numbers DJ mixing experience, AliveInVR actually taps into the incredibly versatile Ableton Live music sequencing software, allowing users the ability to control the powerful software while in VR. This is by no means meant as an insult to TheWaveVR, as the popular VR application is a fantastic way of experiencing live performances with friends. 

Users can trigger samples, play instruments in scale mode and mix tracks using their motion controls. You’ll also have the ability to place triggers anywhere in the 3D space, letting you create your own custom musical interface.

Despite the fact it’s still in early access, the experience already features an impressive amount of features:

  • Session mode – clip triggering and clip colors (reflected from your Ableton Session)
  • Note mode – play drum racks or instruments
  • Mixer mode – control track levels, send and return
  • In game camera to stream to desktop via Spout
  • Choose day, sunset or night mode
  • Low GPU mode
  • Velocity sensitive triggering (can be set to fixed)
  • Clips pulsate in sync with the music.
  • Re-Arrange triggers around yourself in 3D.
  • A VR player avatar that looks an awful lot like a certain robot DJ

It’s also important to note that this app requires Ableton Live to function and DOES NOT include the software. This means you’ll have to pick up the popular program yourself, and as an owner I can tell you that it ain’t cheap… For those of you that already own Ableton and are thinking about picking up the VR app, here’s a helpful little video to assist you in pairing both pieces of software.

However, this could be a fantastic way of introducing virtual reality to established DJ’s and music producers. Having influential creators onboard would be the easiest way to convince the public of VR’s potential within the music industry.

AliveInVR is currently 10% off ($11.69) on SteamVR. Act soon though as the deal ends August 16th!    

This is actually the second VR application to support Ableton Live functionality. New Zealand developer Byron Mallett’s released a similar application in 2014 called Pensato.

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