Air New Zealand Actually Considers Putting HoloLens on Flight Attendants

Air New Zealand is exploring how the Microsoft HoloLens can enhance its in-flight service, becoming the first airline to openly consider equipping its cabin crew with the augmented reality headset.

In a newly published concept video, a flight attendant is provided with information ranging from a passenger’s allergies to the last time they had a drink just by looking at them. The holographic display also lists “emotion” that changes from “anxious” to “calm,” though it’s unclear how this feature works.

Leanne Langridge, general manager of the airline’s cabin crew, said AR presents another way to better tailor their service.

“This is about enhancing the customer experience using technology to provide more information for our crew to be able to understand our customers’ needs better,” Langridge said in the video.

Air New Zealand hired UK-based software firm Dimension Data to create the concept app. The firm worked with the airliner’s flight attendants to better understand what kind of AR app would be the most helpful.

“Although it’s only in beta at this point, we think there are great possibilities to take it further,” said Jonathan Glenister of Dimension Data in the video.

AR does offer new ways for flight attendants to predict their passengers’ needs, but fliers could feel uncomfortable with a headset-equipped cabin steward staring at them and their customer info. It’s much easier to imagine the tech in use if a headset like the HoloLens was less obtrusive.

Or, like this tweeter, you might think the whole thing looks plain stupid.

You can watch the concept video from Air New Zealand below.

Image Credit: Air New Zealand

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