AI-Therapist Helps Alleviate Hot Flashes In VR

VRHealth’s non-pharmaceutical VR experience arrives on the Oculus Go January 2019.

Nearly 75% of women age 51 and above suffer from symptoms such as hot flashes, depression, anxiety, night sweats, insomnia, and loss of sexual drive as a direct result of menopause.

To assist in combating these uncomfortable manifestations, VRHealth, an XR medical company specializing in medical and therapeutic applications, is in development of Luna, a VR therapist powered by artificial intelligence designed to help support users suffering from various uncomfortable medical conditions. Utilizing a combination of artificial intelligence and cloud-computing algorithms, VRHealth’s proprietary software is able to provide complex data analytics in real-time, giving researchers crucial information at a much more rapid pace.

The digital “counselor” monitors a patient’s condition using cloud-computing algorithms, collecting data which both doctors and clinicians can reference to provide a personalized healthcare experience. Initial results revealed a positive effect on hot flashes and other discomforts.

“Our goal is to provide a therapy-based virtual reality experience in all areas of healthcare,” VRHealth CEO Eran Orr says. “A variety of conditions can cause hot flashes such as menopause and various cancer conditions, incorporating the AI-therapist into our solution will provide relief, both at home and in a medical facility, to those experiencing them.”

According to an official release, Luna will be able to administer assistance to patients as early as January 2019 via the VRHealth platform. Researchers hope this technology will be able to assist a wide range of patients, whether it be those suffering from menopause, to patients undergoing stressful medical programs, such as chemotherapy.

“Luna the AI therapist offers psychological assistance and therapeutic VR experiences, engaging the brain to support the healing process and self-management of symptoms associated with hot flashes,” states the company on their official website.

VRHealth claims to be one of the first virtual reality-based companies in the world to have ISO certification, as well as FDA approved medical applications, as part of their ambitious platform. Along with Luna, VRHealth features an extensive library of VR-based medical applications, from ReAct, a program designed for cognitive training, to Aqua Clown, a unique immersive experience which provids active cervical spine ROM assessment and rehabilitation. The company advertises an additional seven experiences on their website, including pain distraction platforms, neck training applications, and meditation pain relief.

VRHealth’s Luna application will be available January 2019 via the Oculus Go standalone headset. Various other VRHealth applications are available now on the Oculus Rift and Oculus Go platforms.

Image Credit: VRHealth

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