The Adult VR Festival Image That Turned Into a Photoshop Battle

One IT journalist who visited this month’s Adult VR Festival in Tokyo became the unexpected center of a fierce Photoshop battle on Reddit.

Note: This article contains content some readers might find objectionable.

The Adult VR Festa as it’s called, kicked off June 12th to huge crowds in this first for the country Adult VR gathering. The crowd waiting to get inside the festival could be seen for blocks. And what you might expect from an adult VR festival, there were a handful of demos for people to experience.

Entry price for the festival were priced at 3,000 yen (US$27), and photo ID was mandatory.

One image that found its way onto Reddit, original photo below, escalated quickly into a Photoshop battle, making things even weirder than they already were. And because we love Photoshop battles (see Palmer Luckey), we wrangled up a few below.

Here’s The Original



via /RexLeou

via /RexLeou


Skynet owns us.

Ok, you got us again.

Dance like nobody’s watching.


via /Drifts

A slippery slope.

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Ok that’s just weird.

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