Adult Swim Teases Psychedelic Virtual Reality Experience

Adult Swim Brainload VR Virtual Reality

Adult Swim has been known for some of their trippy late-night animated series and today’s teaser is no exception.

This week Adult Swim is taking viewers a step further into visual overload with what they are calling a “must see VR experience”, The Virtual Brainload.

The Virtual Brainload appears to be Adult Swim’s first foray into virtual reality animation and an expected full release is scheduled “sometime this week”. Although we look forward to checking out the full piece, Adult Swim revealed a short, 30-second preview:

Diving headfirst into virtual reality for Adult Swim is probably not that far off of strategy when you consider the rest of the platforms they are focused on and considering Adult Swim’s games unit is now acting as a publisher for many independent titles.

Jill King, a senior VP at Turner Broadcasting’s expressed confidence in a release to Mashable about the VR short:

“Given the success of our digital brand extensions… it only makes sense that we pilot a virtual reality experience. We know that Adult Swim fans are early adopters. Virtual reality will allow our fans to become immersed in an entirely new way, while also demonstrating a commitment to innovation to our business partners.”


Made in collaboration with WEVR, the full version of The Virtual Brainload is expected to be available for download on Google Play sometime later this week. Their official site says this will be compatible with Google Cardboard, still no word on Samsung Gear VR availability. We will just have to wait and see.

Update: The experience is available for download on Google Play here.

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