Acer Reveals ‘ConceptD OJO’ 4K Windows VR Headset

4K resolution, a detachable design, and manual IPD adjustment included.

Acer has just unveiled its latest Windows Mixed Reality headset, the ConceptD OJO. Revealed during the company’s annual “next@acer” conference earlier today, the headset will launch alongside their new professional computer lineup, ConceptD.

According to Acer, the ConceptD OJO will feature 4K resolution with a 4,320 x 2,160 display, the same size as another recently-announced WMR headset, the HP Reverb. However, whereas the Reverb features fixed IPD (interpupillary distance) lenses with automatic software adjustment, the OJO instead offers tried-and-true manual IPD adjustment.

While this may seem like a small alteration, the recent rise of fixed lens systems in new headsets have raised concerns among those who have an incompatible IPD outside the accepted range of these devices. Manual adjustment ensures that those with uncommon IPD measurements are able to enjoy the experience properly.

The ConceptD OJO. / Image Credit: Acer

Other notable features include inside-out tracking via two forward-facing cameras, patented “sound pipe technology,” and a detachable design, allowing operators to remove both the display and lenses from the rest of the device.

This is most likely designed to allow arcade owners and other location-based providers to quickly swap-out and clean headsets for faster customer turn-around; it makes when you consider the ConceptD lineup is designed to cater specifically to professional creatives.

With the HP Reverb set to launch this month, it’ll be interesting to watch as the next generation of Windows Mixed Reality begins to develop before our eyes. Inside-out tracking, 4K resolutions, and multiple forms of IPD adjustment point towards an exciting future for the growing platform.

No word yet from the company on an official release date or price. For comparison, the HP Reverb will retail for $599 or $649 depending on whether you’re purchasing the consumer or enterprise model.

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