ABC News and Jaunt Launch VR Experience

ABC News Virtual Reality 360

ABC News is giving viewers a chance to explore war-torn Syria in an immersive VR experience developed in collaboration with Jaunt.

Released today, Inside Syria VR is the first piece of content coming from the newly formed ABC News VR. The 360-degree video takes viewers on a tour of Damascus, Syria led by reporter Alexander Marquardt. The VR segment explores how archaeologists are racing against time to protect historical antiquities menaced by war.

Inside Syria VR’s release was timed to coincide with a story on “Nightline” this evening and will be promoting the VR video companion piece for viewers to try on their mobile phone and Google Cardboard headset. This segment will be the first of many VR projects that will live on


Producing the VR component of the story, ABC partnered with cinematic VR company Jaunt. Jaunt was responsible for shooting and stitching together all the raw footage off their proprietary 16-camera rig and ABC did all the narrative video editing.

Cinematic virtual reality represents an entirely new way to experience news. Giving viewers a new perspective and a sense of presence in comparison to just watching television on their couch.

ABC News is joining the foray of VR journalism seen from others like RYOT’s aftermath coverage of the Nepal earthquakes and VICE’s touching look into the life of an ebola survivor. VR new coverage coming from these companies are all positive additions to the industry and a new frontier in empowering journalists to capture history and tell its stories in new and innovative ways.

Inside Syria VR is available now on iOS ( and Google Play (

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