A VR Cannabis Store Has Officially Opened To The Public

Chat with specialists, review ingredients, and buy products straight from the metaverse.

ADC, a technology-centered cannabis manufacturer and distribution company, has partnered with metaverse company Alt Magic to open a digital cannabis store you can visit from the comfort of your home using a smartphone, tablet, computer, or VR headset.

This WebXR experience allows you to explore a virtual cannabis store using a digital avatar. According to the official release, you can chat with specialists to learn more about the latest industry news, peruse a wide selection of tasty treats, and actually purchase products straight from the metaverse.

ADC’s virtual cannabis store opened on April 20th to thousands of people in honor of 420, an international holiday dedicated to all things marijuana. Now anyone can access this digital storefront and begin exploring a wide variety of products.

ADC currently offers a wide variety of cannabis products, such as CBD, Delta 8, CBG, CBN, HHC, THC-O, and THCV. You can explore some of these items now by visiting on a smartphone, tablet, computer, and in VR using a WebXR browser, such as Firefox Reality.

Moving forward, ADC will be hosting a series of podcasts featuring various cannabis experts in an attempt to help educate the public on cannabis.

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Image Credit: ADC x Alt Magic

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