Steal A Colossal Mech And Escape A Hostile Planet In ‘A Rogue Escape’

Man the controls of a complex nauticrawler and avoid colossal landsquids.

Earlier today, developer Spare Parts Oasis and publisher Armor Games revealed A Rogue Escape, an upcoming VR adventure game that places you in the belly of complex mechanical beast as you attempt to escape a hostile alien planet controlled by an oppressive ruling class.

Developed in collaboration with Sylphe Labs, A Rogue Escape builds upon Spare Parts Oasis’ 2019 rogue-lite puzzle game Nauticrawl, offering you the chance to pilot a 4-story crawling mech across a strange alien world filled with danger. The only problem: you have no idea how to operate this gargantuan machine. Thankfully, you’re not the first escapee to commandeer this particular nauticrawler. Scattered throughout the interior of the mech are various notes and instructions left behind by dead pilots.

These clues will prove instrumental as you attempt to operate the metal giant via five unique control centers, each complete with their own set of levers, monitors, screens, and switches. Once in command you’ll navigate your way around a variety of complicated puzzles and potential dangers, from ruthless Royal Operators and traitorous merchants to massive landsquids and other alien threats.

“With A Rogue Escape, I had the rare chance to reimagine my indie game Nauticrawl, not just as a port on another platform,” said Spare Parts Oasis’ Andrea Interguglielmi. “A complete reinvention of something that now seems like it was always meant to be experienced in VR.”

A Rogue Escape is expected to launch in 2021 on SteamVR and Oculus headsets. Sign-ups for the closed beta are now open to the public.

The game can be played either seated or standing with the ability to adjust floor position. For the best experience possible the developers recommend allocating a small amount of space to physically move around.

Image Credit: Armor Games

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