A New VR Film For Quest Honors Women Astronauts

These high-flying women are literally out of this world.

In honor of International Women’s Day, the Emmy Award-Winning Felix & Paul Studios has released Women In Spaceflight, a new VR film celebrating the many accomplishments of female spacefarers. Available now on Quest headsets, the six-minute 360-degree special feature pays homage to the late great Jerrie Cobb, an American aviator who paved the way for female astronauts.

The official description states: “Discover the awe-inspiring achievements of female astronauts throughout history. Learn all about the trailblazing women, who have defied the odds and dared to explore the outer limits of our world. An inspiring journey that pays homage to pioneer Jerry Cobb and all the women who changed spaceflight forever and are paving the way for the next steps in space exploration.”

Credit: Felix & Paul Studios

“We wanted to celebrate the pioneering spirit and groundbreaking achievements of women in space flight, from Jerry Cobb to those currently paving the way for deep space exploration such as Jessica Meir and Christina Koch,” said Katarina Soukup, Vice-President Production at Felix & Paul Studios, in an official release. “‘Women in Spaceflight’ is an inspiring journey that honors their contributions and highlights the importance of gender diversity in the field of space exploration.”

Women In Spaceflight is a part of Felix & Paul Studios’ award-winning Space Explorers series, which offers viewers an inside look into the lives and work of astronauts living aboard the International Space Station. Other notable works include Traveling While Black, a VR documentary highlighting the history of restriction of movement for black Americans, and Strangers with Patrick Watson, an intimate performance from the Montreal-based singer-songwriter.

Women In Spaceflight is available to watch now on Quest 2 and Quest Pro VR headsets for free via the Meta Quest TV app. You can check out Felix & Paul Studios’ other VR projects over at

For more information on Women in Spaceflight visit here.

Feature Image Credit: Felix & Paul Studios

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