8th Wall Introduces Real-Time WebAR Face Effects

High-quality animated face filters; no download required.

8th Wall’s unique AR approach has eliminated the need to download an app in order to launch an AR experience from your phone or computer, which makes accessing AR content a lot easier. Now the company is launching Face Effects, the first web development platform to offer the tools needed to develop WebAR face filters. 

Launching an 8th Wall AR experience is as simple as visiting a website. Content can be accessed across multiple devices such as a smartphone, tablets, and desktops using a webcam. There are no apps or download required; you get instant access to the AR content. This can serve as an awesome tool for brands looking to connect with their customers through engaging marketing tactics that only AR can deliver. When combined with 8th Wall’s Inline AR capabilities, Face Effects can even be embedded directly inside existing web content.

8th Wall Face Effects gives developers and brands all of the tools necessary to create real-time interactive face filters that can live on any website. You can also record an 8th Wall experience and share it on your social media page by sending a link via email or text message.

Try it for yourself! 

Organizations already using Face Effects have found it to be a powerful and easy-to-use tool, similar to the way face effects work in the social media platforms. Creators were able to anchor 3D objects to face attachment points, render face meshes with easy-to-use face components with textures and shaders, and design custom effects. 

They were able to employ all the interactive functions WebAR users love to utilize.

“8th Wall’s new Face Effects capabilities is an exciting innovation that will enable brands to entertain, engage and sell in new ways through the web without ever requiring an app download,” says Jason Yim, CEO of Trigger – The Mixed Reality Agency® in an official press release. “After working with face AR in apps for 5 years, we are excited to tie directly from the user experience into commerce systems and convert engagement into transactions.”

In terms of possible use-cases, the sky’s the limit. Utilizing multiple real-time APIs, with support for multiple users and asset types, 8th Wall Face Effects can provide a variety of real-time digital enhancements. In the official press release, 8th Wall explains how this technology could be used during live sport matches to alter fan face paint in real-time using sports data feeds.

For Erik Murphy-Chutorian, founder and CEO of 8th Wall, Face Effects is about providing developers and agencies with the proper tools that will help bring robust, frictionless AR content that opens up various creative and innovative possibilities as limitless as the open web. “We are excited to see what our developer community creates,” said Murphy-Chutorian.

8th Wall Face Effects is now available at as part of the 8th Wall platform. New users can sign up for a 14-day free trial of the 8th Wall platform. Existing developers can simply log in and get started using the Face Effects project templates.

Image Credit: 8th Wall

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