8th Wall Creating Global Network For AR Creatives & Brands

8th Wall launches a first-of-its-kind global network of WebAR agencies designed to connect brands with creatives.

Since its launch in 2016, 8th Wall has changed the way we access AR experiences, utilizing WebAR technology to remove the need for third-party apps or downloads. All you need is a smartphone with a camera and a web browser to access amazing AR effects. They’ve also rolled out a number of powerful tools such as real-time WebAR face effects—an all-in-one AR development tool—and world-tracking, which is used by major brands such as Lego, Nike, Netflix, Universal Studios, and more.

The next big step for the company is the launch of a new program that could be a gamechanger for the advertising and marketing industry. The 8th Wall Partner Program is a first-of-its-kind global network of agencies and creative studios who’ve mastered the use of 8th Wall’s numerous AR tools. The Partner Program will connect these groups with other agencies, allowing brands the opportunity to convert 8th Wall WebAR experiences into engaging marketing opportunities while tracking valuable consumer data for the brand. 

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The program, which officially launches today, already boasts over 40 partners and will feature a large range of creatives from around the world, all of whom have successfully launched commercial WebAR experiences for top brands across multiple industries, including packaging, fast food, automotive, entertainment, fashion, beauty, and banking.

In an official press release, CEO and Founder of 8th Wall, Erik Murphy-Chutorian, said, “8th Wall is excited to recognize and raise up the agencies and creative studios as part of our official Partner Program, all of which have launched extraordinary WebAR experiences for major brands using the 8th Wall platform.” Adding, “As demand for WebAR continues to grow, brands and agencies around the world will be able to look to this network of partners to find new and innovative ways to engage with their customers.”

As the popularity of immersive technology continues to grow within the world of marketing, initiatives like 8th Wall’s Partner Program will only become more important for modern-day business. As Cathy Hackl told Laurie Segall during a 60 Minute interview, it’s “the next iteration of computing and the next iteration of the internet,” and we all know how important those two things are for businesses. 

In addition to the Partner Program, 8th Wall has announced a new feature called Public Profiles. Think of it as LinkedIn for 8th Wall developers. The idea is to simplify the networking process by allowing brands to connect with creatives without having to search through thousands of unrelated profiles. For developers and agencies, Public Profiles helps them display their work in order to better attract the attention of businesses. Brands can and even try out WebAR experiences directly from the Partners page.

Image Credit: 8th Wall

“8th Wall has enabled Powster to deliver innovative and effective augmented reality. From AR games on 440 million cereal boxes to the world’s first AR on Spotify,” said Ste Thompson, CEO and Founder of Powster, a digital creative studio focused on the entertainment industry. “We are honored to be part of the 8th Wall Partner Program so that we can continue to create press-worthy & effective solutions at the cutting edge of what’s possible.”

8th Wall’s Partner Program and Partner Profiles launch today on their website

Feature Image Credit: 8th Wall

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