8th Wall Expands Its AR Business Ecosystem For Creators

8th Wall’s new plan starts at $9.99 a month and will allow for unlimited WebAR and WebVR projects.

Niantic Lightship had some big announcements during day one of its Lightship Summit that showed how the company envisions digital content co-existing with our real world. This included the launch of Campfire, a location-based social network designed to help users connect with one another and discover new AR content.

Not to be left out in the fun, 8th Wall, which was acquired by Niantic back in March, announced plans to expand the WebAR developer business ecosystem through two affordable subscription plans, new monetization tools, and new discovery capabilities. 

Together they will give AR and VR developers everything they need to build out amazing experiences using the 8th Wall platform and create a sustainable business model.


The Starter plan will give you everything you’ll need to get up and running for $9.99 a month. You’ll be able to create unlimited WebAR and WebVR projects using 8th Wall’s Cloud Editor and publish your web apps to using their global hosting services.

Next is 8th Wall’s Plus plan which starts at $49.00 a month. This package includes everything from the Starter plan but offers a lot more flexibility in sharing your web apps. On top of that, you’ll have direct access to project URLs, embeddable AR, and progressive web apps. You’ll also be able to connect custom domains to your projects. This plan is designed for developers who are seeing success with their AR and VR web apps and want to take their user growth to the next level. 

“Today’s launch is in direct response to the growing demand we have heard from the developer ecosystem who want to use the 8th Wall platform to create interactive WebAR and WebVR content,” says Erik Murphy-Chutorian, 8th Wall Founder and VP of Engineering at Niantic. “By offering a wider variety of subscription price points and equipping developers with new tools to distribute and monetize their AR and VR web apps, developers are well-positioned to create a successful business with the 8th Wall platform.”

Monetize AR and VR web apps with 8th Wall Payments

To help developers monetize their AR and VR web apps, 8th Wall announced 8th Wall Payments, a secure payment system that will help you grow your business through the Payments Module found in 8th Wall’s Cloud Editor. Through this payment portal, you’ll be able to easily add products for purchase to your project. All payments would go through 8th Wall Payments API. 

At launch, you’ll be able to use the Payments Module to add an access pass to your 8th Wall projects. This payment type offers your customers paid access to AR or VR content for a limited period of time. For example, giving customers a 1-day access pass to a holographic concert or a 7-day access pass to an AR-enabled scavenger hunt.

Increase discovery of AR and VR web content by publishing to

As the idea of the metaverse grows, so too will the impact of AR and VR on consumers. Giving creatives the tools to develop their own discoverable content will be a big part of their success.

You are already able to access WebAR content through 8th Wall’s QR.8 codes and links. You have the ability to embed your WebAR experiences into any existing website. To add to that, you are now able to publish AR and VR web apps directly to, which is already the single largest destination for discoverable WebAR content and is being used by brands to discover content for their own marketing engagements. 

This is a huge advantage for content creators.

“The Web is undergoing a massive transformation and augmented reality plays a key role in its evolution into the Metaverse,” said Tom Emrich, Director of Product Management at Niantic. “Realizing this future will only be made possible by developers and they need powerful tools to not only create content but also help them succeed with it. The 8th Wall platform offers developers this holistic toolset for WebAR and WebVR development.”

You can learn more about 8th Wall at their website, and check out the latest with Niantic Lighthouse here.

Image Credit: 8th Wall

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