7 For All Mankind and Jaunt Create Virtual Reality Fashion Story

7 For All Mankind Jaunt VR Fashion Story

Premium denim brand 7 For All Mankind has collaborated with Jaunt and Elle to place customers in the middle of a 3D virtual reality journey that takes you from Paris to California.

The latest virtual reality release from 7 For All Mankind, with the help of Palo Alto based VR company Jaunt, introduces a new fashion brand experience that utilizes virtual reality to immerse consumers in the latest spring 2015 collection through a dreamlike visual narrative.

The experience, called Visions of California, consists of a minute long vignette in which a model walks into a French chateau, while animated dream overlays morph the surrounding, eventually taking you back to the beaches of California (the beach looked like El Matador State Beach).

Bringing Out The 3D World

While most fashion consumers may be accustomed to 2D branded video experiences that usually include quick cuts of different outfits and models walking in slow motion through the streets of New York, this latest 3D video experience provides a refreshing field of view and immersive sound that really draws your attention. The first thing you will notice as you watch a model walk in front of you towards a French chateau is the click of her heals on the stone ground, passing from right to left both visually and audibly. Once inside the chateau, you are able to glance around a room as a model lays back on a round ottoman, often making you feel quite voyeuristic.

All the immersive video and sound details in this experience was made possible with the help of Jaunt who captured Visions of California with their proprietary 360 degree, stereoscopic 3D cameras and advanced 3D sound-field microphones, that gives viewers a sense of “presence.”

“Visions of California is a perfect example of how brands and content creators can come together to reach their audiences in engaging new ways, and this film showcases just how powerful storytelling in VR can be,” said Jens Christensen, CEO of Jaunt.

Jaunt-7FAM-Elle 3

Behind the scenes with Jaunt and 7 For All Mankind

Experience It Yourself

In addition to Jaunt publishing this latest experience for Android devices, Elle magazine will be mailing between 4,000 and 5,000 Custom Pop Up VR viewers, designed by DODOcase, for customers and subscribers to view the denim brand’s “Visions of California” campaign on their devices.

Fans of the denim brand will also have the chance to view the VR experience in person and get the limited edition viewer at 7 For All Mankind boutiques in the following locations: Santa Monica, San Diego, Aventura, and San Francisco in California, and at the SoHo store in New York. We were able to pop into the Santa Monica 7 For All Mankind store and check out the experience itself.


7 For All Mankind in-store installation

Visions of California is available on Google Play for Google Cardboard and Android phones. Moreover, Visions of California will be coming soon in the next month to select IOS devices in the Apple App Store.

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