Snap Selfies With Deadpool For Loyalty Points In 7-Eleven’s AR Experience

Celebrate the release of Deadpool 2 while earning free snacks with 7-Eleven’s location-based AR experience.

With Deadpool 2 now in theatres, comic book fans are, naturally, completely obsessed with the foul-mouthed, fourth wall-breaking antihero. The highly-anticipated sequel currently sits at 4 stars on Rotten Tomatoes with an impressive $301 Million worldwide opening. The film managed to maintain its #1 position at the box office despite the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story and appears to be going strong.

Of course this means an inevitable tidal wave of merchandise, promotional content, sponsorships and various other marketing devices designed to milk every last drop of cash from the currently-hot franchise.

7-Eleven however appears to be taking its marketing technique in a new directions, harnessing the popularity of the R-rated superhero for an AR-based experienced capable of boosting customer engagement. Where many providers are comfortable with a few Deadpool-themed slushy cups, 7-Eleven has upped-the-ante with a location-based AR experience that lets fans snap a selfie with Wade Wilson himself.

Fans of the infamous “merc with a mouth” need simply download the 7Rewards app, tap the camera icon on the home screen as Deadpool appears to guide you through the rest of his cool new experience. Snap a photo and watch as the regenerating degenerate whips out a red marker to add his own personal touch to your shared selfie!

A free selfie isn’t the only incentive for fans to hit their local 7-Eleven however. Snapping photos of scannable “zap codes” are scattered throughout the stores unlocks new activities as well as free brand loyalty points customers can use towards their next 7-Eleven purchase. Once you discover a code you are then free to access it anywhere, anytime. New activities pop-up every week, so you’ll want to check back regularly for any more Deadpool goodies.

And for the very luckiest of us, there’s also the chance to win one of four grand prizes which include everything from NYC katana classes and skydiving in Las Vegas, to VIP film screenings and private helicopter rides to underground spas.

After just three weeks the campaign has already garnered 957k unique engagements and 2.1 million zaps, with customers earning 85.7 million loyalty points after capturing a whopping 6 million filter photos. While at first glance this experience may seem like an obvious attempt at taking advantage of a films popularity, 7-Elevens efforts in driving sales through the use of AR advertising could be very well be the future of customer engagement.

In a world where an increasing number of consumers are becoming immune to conventional 2D advertising, this style of location-based AR marketing could be just what companies need to better capture the attentions of potential customers. And if the participation figures provided so far are accurate, it appears as though consumers are more than interested. 

Start capturing selfies and earning free points now with the official 7-Eleven app available on iOS and Android.

Image Credit: 7-Eleven Inc.

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