5K All-In-One VR Headset Comes With Its Own Virtual World

Arpara reveals two VR headsets and its arparaland virtual social platform powered by blockchain.

Last week, Beijing-based VR company arpara revealed two 5K VR headsets during its global reveal event called “Discover Yourself in a Parallel Universe.”

Both the arpara VR headset and arpara all-in-one VR headset feature dual 1.03-inch 2560 x 2560 resolution micro-OLED displays, resulting in a combined viewing resolution of 5K x 2.5K. According to arparar, these micro-OLED displays feature a 3514 PPI, meaning no more pesky “screen door effect.” Both devices also have a 1μs response time and 95-degree field-of-view. For reference, that’s 6-degrees more than the Oculus Quest 2.

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Coming in at approximately 200 grams, the arpara VR headset is capable of connecting with phones, consoles, and computers. Combined with a 6DoF position tracking kit—such as the companies NOLO CV1 Air VR spatial tracking kit—the device can be used to run PCVR applications with support for up to 120Hz refresh rates. The arpara VR headset is available now for pre-order and is expected to ship this August for $599.

The arpara all-in-one VR headset, on the other hand, weighs approximately 380 grams and features six onboard cameras for 6DoF inside-out tracking, removing the need for a separate tracking kit. This all-in-one device is capable of streaming SteamVR games and apps both wired and wirelessly with support for up to 90Hz refresh rates. No word yet on an official price. The headset is expected to begin shipping after the launch of the arpara VR headset later this summer.

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Arpara is also launching its own dedicated virtual social platform. Launching this August on arpara VR headsets, arparaland is described by the company as a virtual world where users can customize their own avatars and times, participate in relaxing activities, conduct business, and more. And because digital assets on the platform are recorded on regulated blockchains, users can profit from their work by minting their digital creations as NFT’s for auction.

As previously mentioned, arpara is the same company behind the NOLO 6DoF spatial tracking kit. With the launch of the arpara VR headset, the arpara all-in-one, and arparaland platform, it appears as though the China-based company is in the early stages of establishing its own VR ecosystem.

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We’re excited to learn more about arpara’s new hardware when the arpara VR headset and arparaland platform launch later this summer.

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