The 53 Oculus Rift Touch Controller Launch Titles

The touch launch window lineup is here.

Oculus Rift’s long awaited Touch controllers are almost here — dropping on doorsteps December 6. And as you eagerly await their arrival, Oculus has just shared all 53 launch titles that will be available on the Oculus Store launch day. So now you have something to really ponder over the weekend.

What titles will you start with first?

Check out the full list of Touch titles available December 6:
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According to Oculus, this is just the beginning. They have many more titles designed for Touch that will hit the Oculus Store in 2017, like Robo Recall, Lone Echo, Arktika.1, and Other Ocean’s Giant Cop: Justice Above All.

As a reminder, both The Unspoken and VR Sports Challenge are bundled for free with all Touch pre-orders, so be sure to lock in your purchase before December 6!


Also remember that Oculus’ Toybox, one of our favorite social VR experiences, will be available on the Oculus Store for free at Touch launch. Toybox is one of the best ways to showcase the power of social interaction in VR, where you can play ping pong in zero gravity with a friend or toss lit fireworks in their direction — its a blast.

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