The 5 VR YouTube Channels You Need in Your Life

From news to entertainment to gaming, these channels hit the pavement this year to produce stellar immersive content.

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The guys over at Node are some of the hardest working people on YouTube. Whether it’s video games, technology, or airsoft (IRL), the tight-knit team produces a seemingly endless stream of entertaining content. Though immersive videos are only one part of their catalogue, they happen to be some of the most impressive publicly available on the internet. Whether it means combining rigs for incredible VR co-op experiences or exploring the nether in Minecraft, Node continues to cook up new pieces to engage VR enthusiasts; they even released their own VR game, Hover Junkers. The video above gives a sense of their style as well as an interesting take on what a cooperative experience can look like in VR.


If you’re looking for compelling stories from across the globe, the RYOT YouTube channel makes for a great starting point. After all, RYOT was already producing revolutionary documentary content before being acquired by The Huffington Post—there’s no sign of them slowing down now. By using cutting-edge technology and tapping a global network of collaborators to situate viewers amid environments they could otherwise never experience, RYOT presents arguably the most unique news “watching” experience many will have ever encountered.


Nathie is one of those YouTubers who you can tell genuinely enjoys his gig. When he’s not hosting massive giveaways for his viewers (he recently gave away an HTC Vive), he’s uploading VR highlights, previews, features and live-streams. The channel’s fresh, it’s fun, and, most notably: it’s strictly virtual reality. Recent tweets indicate an imminent departure from the network, but he’s still producing new work (and there’s more than enough great content in that backlog to last you). So soak up every ounce of his VR enthusiasm for however long he’s still on YouTube, and keep an eye out for a possible new home in 2017.


When it comes to finding consistently captivating 360 video content, few rival the official New York Times channel. NYT VR seems to have turned expanding their immersive content catalogue into a crusade, but thankfully not at the expense of quality. Each in this growing, curated collection offers a unique viewpoint with clear storytelling chops—whether that takes the form of a sneak peek of the new NYC subway stations, following a pro snowboarder through an epic run down a mountain, or any of the other 60+ options, The New York Times YouTube channel is an industry favorite.


IGN is known as one of the biggest video game news sources in existence, and with VR’s clear ties to gaming, it’s no surprise that the company also has an awesome VR YouTube channel. IGN VR is updated weekly with 360 videos that put you in the games and stories you’re hearing about. And there’s no shortage of VR news, interviews, and industry updates, either, so if you want to stay up-to-date on VR biz and new toys, this is a channel you’ll need to keep on your radar.

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