5 Roblox VR Worlds You Need To Try On Meta Quest

Start your journey off right with these immersive VR games available now.

After long last, the uber-popular multiplayer game platform Roblox is finally available on Meta Quest VR headsets. Developer Roblox Corporation is currently hosting an open beta via App Lab, allowing developers the chance to fine-tune their experiences for VR before the game’s official launch on the Meta Quest Store.

That said, there are already a variety of entertaining worlds and games you can jump into right now via your Meta Quest 2 or Quest Pro headset. The following are five entertaining Roblox experiences we recommend checking out first.

Credit: Roblox VR Tutorial

VR Tutorial

As the name suggests, VR Tutorial is an excellent world for those unfamiliar with the game’s VR mechanics. Here you’ll learn the ins and outs of navigating the in-game world using your Touch controllers, as well as how to switch between third and first-person game modes.

You’ll also learn how to protect your personal space while out in the wild. We highly recommend that those playing Roblox in VR for the first time visit this world first.

Credit: Metaverse Team

Nerf Strike

Designed specifically for VR, this fast-paced team shooter has you battling other players using an arsenal of brightly-colored Nerf weaponry. While simplistic overall, the game features addictive gunplay mechanics to master and exotic battlefields to explore.

If you’re still bummed about the cancellation of Nerf Ultimate Championship, this should help take some of the sting off.

Credit: Roy & Charcle

Rainbow Friends

Don’t let the innocent name fool you, Rainbow Friends is a deceptively scary puzzle game that will have you looking over your shoulder at all times. This creepy multiplayer experience has you teaming up with other players to solve a variety of puzzles while being stalked by a gang of unsettling creatures à la Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Your best bet at surviving is to run. That said, if you do find yourself caught out in the open, you can use a suspiciously-familiar box to hide in plain sight.

Credit: Typical Games

Energy Assault

Another made-for-VR experience, Energy Assault is a “realistic” multiplayer shooter. You can choose from several different load-outs, each with its own unique pros and cons, and even purchase new weapon skins to stand out on the battlefield. The game features a variety of real-world weapons, including the SCAR rifle, PKM machine gun, and Dragunov sniper rifle.

Despite its simple appearance, the game makes use of a number of interesting features that will keep you coming back for more, including a dedicated ranking system.


Ever dream of shooting down waves of enemy aircraft using an overpowered machine gun? Well, now’s your chance. Skywinds is an immersive wave-based shooter designed with VR directly in-mind. The game features multiple levels to complete as you take on a seemingly never-ending wave of fighters, both large and small.

Roblox is available now in VR on Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro headsets via App Lab. Visit here to get started.

Feature Image Credit: Roblox Corporation

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