5 Million Google Cardboard Viewers Shipped Worldwide

It was only a year and a half ago that Google introduced Google Cardboard to us at the Google I/O 2014 developers conference. Now the company has revealed that over 5 million viewers have shipped around the world.

Google Cardboard is a fold-out cardboard viewer for your smartphone that can let anyone experience mobile virtual reality. The low-cost system allows you to insert your smartphone into the viewer and transport yourself to new worlds in VR. Last year, the New York Times partnered with Google to deliver a Cardboard viewer to subscribers of weekend newspaper deliveries for the launch of their NYT VR app.

Aside from the 5 million Cardboard viewers out in the world, Google shared some more fun facts about consumer usage of the platform.

25M+ Installs of Cardboard App From Google Play
As Google Cardboard makes its way onto the phones of more and more enthusiasts, the hunger for more content and apps is sending downloads vertical. Just in the past two months (October-December), consumers launched 10 million more immersive app experiences.


Top 5 Cardboard Apps
Out of 1,000+ Cardboard apps on Google Play, a good virtual reality scare leads the pack with our friends at Vrse not far behind.


Hours and Hours of YouTube Videos Watched in VR
Its only been two month since Google unleashed virtual reality content on YouTube, but that hasn’t stopped consumers from watching 350k+ hours in VR.


Cardboard Camera
Even crazier is that a little over a month ago, Google released the Cardboard Camera app that turned your smartphone in your pocket into a virtual reality camera. Since launch, over 750k photos have been taken with the app.


Virtual Expeditions in the Classroom
Google continues to expand the content that students can experience in virtual reality through their in-class Google Expeditions program. This four-month old program has already sent 500k+ students on virtual field trips! Magic school bus!


For more information about Google Cardboard be sure to check out their official site.

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