5 Hidden Gem VR Games You May Have Missed

Don’t miss out on these surprise sleeper hits for popular VR headsets.

We’ve created a lot of lists here at VRScout, from the best VR fitness apps to the most popular metaverse worlds. With such an overwhelming amount of quality games and apps hitting the market at the moment, interesting projects often fall the wayside as other big-name projects take up the spotlight.

Today we’re breaking down five incredible VR games and apps for Meta Quest, PC VR, and PlayStation VR headsets you may have missed but should definitely check out. This includes everything from a Ninja Warrior-inspired obstacle course to a genre-defying tower defense game.

Captain ToonHead vs The Punks From Outer Space

  • Platforms: Meta Quest, PC VR
  • Release date: November 11th, 2021

In our original coverage of Captain ToonHead vs The Punks From Outer Space, we said the game “might be the most over-the-top VR game ever” and roughly five months later we stand by that assessment. Teravision Games’ comedic VR tower defense game featured a refreshing combination of fast-paced gunplay and strategy, resulting in one of the most unique VR experiences of 2021.

The game has you taking the role of an intergalactic janitor who—after a series of unfortunate events—finds himself fighting to save a race of sentient energy cubes. Each level has you battling waves invading enemy robots using a pair of upgradeable hand cannons. In between each wave you’ll have the chance to spend money you earn slaying robots on a variety of outrageous automatic defenses, from ”pigñata” bombs to chancla launchers.

Where Captain ToonHead sets itself apart from other tower defense games is the ability to manually control your stationary defenses after wracking up a certain amount of points. Not only does this offer a temporary damage boost that can be devastating against larger enemies, it just feels incredibly cool. Captain ToonHead is available for $24.99 on Meta Quest and PC VR headsets.


  • Platforms: Meta Quest, PC VR
  • Release date: June 21st, 2021

Don’t let the basic visuals fool you, GRAB is an endless treasure trove of impossible parkour maps that will leave your palms sweaty. This fun multiplayer experience has you racing against other players through complex obstacle courses built by the community using a robust in-game creator tool.

Different material features their own unique properties and effects, from slippery ice to regular grass. Just be sure you don’t fall in the deadly lava; that’s a one-way ticket back to the spawn point. You also have access to a powerful grappling hook that can be used to swing from certain objects like a digital Spider-Man.

Over the past couple of months, developer SlinDev has supported the game with a variety of fresh updates that introduce everything from new creator tools to additional avatar customization. Despite a total lack of marketing, the game features a relatively active community of dedicated players and world-builders. GRAB is available free on Meta Quest via the App Lab and PC VR via SideQuest.

FREEDIVER: Triton Down

  • Platform: Meta Quest, PC VR, PlayStation VR
  • Release date: May 30th, 2021

Despite having been released all the way back in 2020, Freediver: Triton Down remains one of my favorite single-player VR experiences on the Meta Quest. The game takes place almost entirely underwater as you search for a way to escape a capsized research ship actively sinking into the ocean. Using your motion controllers you’ll physically swim your way throughout a variety of maze-like locations.

Along the way you’ll come across useful items you can use to stay alive, from oxygen tanks to fire axes. As the name suggests, you won’t find any scuba equipment in FREEDIVER. You’ll need to continuously manage your air intake using the info screen located on the wrist and keep a lookout for air gaps and oxygen tanks scattered throughout your environment.

From the intuitive and natural swimming mechanics to the expert-level design and unsettling atmosphere, FREEDIVER is a fantastic single-player experience from top to bottom. FREEDIVER: Triton Down is available for $14.99 on Meta Quest and PlayStation VR and $8.99 on PC VR.


  • Platforms: Meta Quest, PC VR
  • Release date: April 30th, 2021

Having grown up watching shows like Most Extreme Elimination Challenge and Ninja Warrior, MarathRUN for the Meta Quest and Meta Quest 2 holds a special place in my heart. In this competitive multiplayer experience, players race one another through a virtual obstacle gauntlet.

Using your motion controllers, you’ll run, jump, and climb your way across a handful of virtual gauntlets, each with its own unique challenges. You also have access to a pair of colored pickaxes which can be used to overcome certain obstacles. The game features realistic physics, resulting in a unique VR platformer unlike anything available at the moment.

The MarathRUN Alpha is available on Meta Quest headsets for free via the App Lab and PC VR via SideQuest. You can meet up with friends or search the public servers for strangers to play with, though the current player count is extremely low. If you’re a fan of shows like MXC or just enjoy VR platformers, this is the game for you.


  • Release date: March 10th, 2022
  • Platforms: Meta Quest, PC VR

The most recent release on our list, Virtuoso is a one-of-a-kind music-making app that allows you to create and perform original compositions using an arsenal of virtual instruments. This includes everything from a futuristic ‘wHarp’ and ‘Oorgan’ to an electronic ‘Empad’ and ‘Datamin.’ Of course there’s a loop machine, allowing you to layer sounds over one another to create your own original tracks.

What I like most about Virtuoso is its approachable take on electronic music production. No knowledge of music theory is required in order to get started. Every tool featured in the app, while based on a real instrument, was created from the ground up for VR, offering a musical experience unlike anything available at the moment. I also like how developer Really Interactive included a virtual microphone, allowing you to layer real-world vocal loops over your music.

Whether you’re an experienced producer looking for new ways to implement VR technology into your routine or a total newcomer jumping into music production for the first time, Virtuoso is an excellent tool for turning your VR headset into an all-in-one music studio from the future. Virtuoso is available for $19.99 on Meta Quest and PC VR headsets.

Image Credit: Teravision Games

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