5 Free VR Games For The Meta Quest 2 – 2022

Battle giant monsters, build impossible race tracks, and more.

We’re back with yet another handful of killer VR games and apps available for free on the Meta Quest 2. This month we have everything from an addicting VR geo guessing app to an anime-inspired action-adventure game.

The following games and apps are available free to download on the App Lab and SideQuest. Some titles will need to be sideloaded onto your device in order to play. You can learn more about how to sideload apps on the Quest headset by watching our video here.

Attack on Quest

What better way to celebrate the fourth and final season of what could easily be considered the most influential anime of the past 10 years than by slaying Titans in VR? Attack on Quest puts you in the boots of a member of the Scout Regiment and tasks you with taking down flesh-hungry giants using your Omni-directional mobility gear.

The game features several open-world environments to traverse, each of which is based on a memorable location from the show. You can face-off against a variety of Titans alone or side-by-side with other players via online multiplayer. That said, there’s quite a bit of movement involved; those sensitive to motion sickness may find it difficult to play.

Technically the game has been available on SideQuest for some time. Recent improvements, however, have drastically improved the overall quality of this lovingly-crafted fan-made experience. Regardless of your experience with the mang/show, this game is a must-try.

Attack on Quest is available for free via SideQuest.


The latest release on our list, PlutoSphere is a unique VR tool that allows you to stream PC VR content to your Quest headset without the need for a beefy gaming PC. Black magic? Not quite. Similar to the premium subscription service Shadow, PlutoSphere allows you to remotely connect your headset to a virtual console.

This rig features an Intel Xeon Platinum 8259CL CPU@ 2.50 GHz and NVIDIA Tesla T4, which isn’t too shabby. All you need to get started is your Quest, a stable 5G or WiFi 6 internet connection, a Steam account, and a device capable of running the SideQuest app. It should also be noted that while the PlutoSphere app itself is free, you will need to purchase tokens in order to continue playing.

The virtual console is wiped each time you log off for safety purposes, so you’ll also need to reinstall each game every time you wish to play. Not exactly convenient, but still a great option for those looking to play games like Half-Life: Alyx or Boneworks without having to invest in an expensive gaming PC.

Plutosphere is available for free via SideQuest.


VR geo guessing app Somewhere allows you to explore thousands of locations and compete against other players for the highest scores. Similar to the popular web-based puzzle game GeoGuessr, Somewhere drops you in a random location around the world where you’re then tasked with determining your general location based on the clues featured in the image.

Unlike the popular 2D geo guessing game GeoGuessr, Somewhere uses VR technology to immerse you in 360-degree photos. At the end of each round, you’re presented with a leaderboard where you can compare your score with others. The closer your guess is to the specific location, the more points you earn.

The game is still a work-in-progress, so expect a few hiccups related to comfort and performance. Developer Mr. Cheerio recently added 20 additional regions to the game, offering even more exotic locations to identify.

Somewhere is available for free via the App Lab.

Stunt Track Builder

Stunt Track Builder is a new VR game for Quest and PC VR headsets that lets you relive those fond childhood memories of building intricate stunt tracks for your favorite toy cars. Developed by Lemon Chihuahua, the Hot Wheels inspired-game offers access to a wide range of tracks, from classic straightaways and turns to super-powered boost pads.

You start with just two cars and a handful of tracks. As you play you can use these track pieces to guide your cars towards various donuts floating throughout the environment. Collecting these unlocks even more cars and track pieces. You can also exchange your cars for additional tracks.

The game includes the option to purchase additional challenge packs and donuts using real-world cash. That said, every car and track can be unlocked by just playing the game.

Stunt Track Builder is available for free via the App Lab.

PaintMusic (Beta)

PaintMusic (Beta) answers the question: what happens when you blend the art of painting with the art of music? In this creative rhythm-based experience, you “draw music” using your Touch controllers. You can customize the color of each instrument and place them wherever you’d like throughout your virtual space.

Composing your own multi-layered tracks is fairly easy thanks to the loop station. Simply hit record and begin playing to create complex compositions composed of multiple sounds and instruments. There’s also an in-game tutorial that will help guide you through the music-making process.

PaintMusic (Beta) is available for free via SideQuest.

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