Someone Built A Fully-Functional 5 Foot Gameboy Color In WebVR

Return to a simpler time in gaming, no download required. 

It feels like only yesterday I was sitting at the foot of my childhood bed, my head buried deep in the screen of a yellow Gameboy Color as I attempted my 4th playthrough of the original Donkey Kong Country. Originally released in October of 1998, the pocket-sized device now stands as one of Nintendo’s most successful platforms, housing a vast selection of incredible titles that include Super Mario DX, Pokémon Yellow, and Worms: Director’s Cut, just to name a few.

Image Credit: _talkol_1

Thanks to the work of one independent developer, you can now enjoy your favorite 8-bit gaming adventures via a fully-functional 5 foot Gameboy Color brought to life in VR. Earlier this week, Reddit user _talkol_1 posted a link to a custom-built Gameboy emulator available in 6DOF VR. Built for specifically for WebVR, users can access the app directly through a compatible VR browser, such as Firefox Reality or the Oculus Browser, without the need for any downloads. 

In order to use the emulator, you’ll need to provide the ROM file (computer file containing the data of a specific game cartridge) for whichever game you’d like to play. Once you have your file on hand, simply open in your VR browser and follow the instructions provided on-screen. If you don’t have any Gameboy Color ROMs, there’s also a trial version of the experience that offers access to a handful of brief demos for The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX, Spider-Man, Mario Golf, and Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors.

Image Credit: _talkol_1

Is the experience practical? No. Staring up at the screen at a 70-degree angle while awkwardly slapping a series of massive buttons is far from a comfortable way enjoying the Gameboy Color catalog. Is it necessary? No, probably not. However, it’s still an excellent example of WebVR’s ability to offer engaging 6DOF immersive experiences straight from a headsets web browser.

With the release of other WebVR-based projects like VR Flappy Bird and Moon Rider, it’s clear that VR technology has the potential to breathe new life into browser-based gaming.

Feature Image Credit: Reddit u/_talkol_1

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