3D Scanner Lets You Capture The Real World In VR

VR is about to get a whole lot more real.

Imagine having the power to capture your real-world environment as a hyper-realistic 3D model from the palm of your hand. Well, wonder no more, as peel 3d, a developer of professional-grade 3D scanners, today announced the launch of peel 3 and peel 3.CAD, two new easy-to-use 3D scanners capable of generating high-quality 3D scans for a wide variety of digital mediums, including VR and augmented reality (AR).

Each device features an ergonomic design as well as a touchscreen interface, allowing users to generate high-resolution scans regardless of their skill level. “Haptic user communications” guide users through the scanning process, ensuring clean, high-quality 3D scans.

“In addition to the boosted performance specs and innovative design of the new peel 3d scanners, the fact that each 3D scanner can be supported with integrated and powerful scan-to-CAD software is something the market has never seen before for this category of 3D measurement solutions,” said François Leclerc, Program Manager at peel 3D, in an official release. “This clearly shows our commitment to democratizing the entire 3D scanning experience for users in many different fields.”

The aforementioned 3D scanners are powered by peel.OS, an easy-to-use “data acquisition software” that transforms 3D scans into CAD-ready files compatible with a wide variety of applications.

“Peel 3d customers can also opt for V.I.peel, an exclusive white-glove service and investment protection program, that includes free software updates, extended hardware repair coverage, and more,” added peel 3D. “Peel 3d has also redesigned a series of accessories to complement its new 3D scanners.”

Peel 3D and peel 3.CAD are available for $8490 and $11,990 respectively. For more information visit here.

Image Credit: peel 3D

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