Duplicate & Share Real-World Objects In AR With 3D Scanner Pro

Turn everyday items into 3D models and share them instantly with friends using Apple Quick Look.

Thanks to Apple’s recently announced AR Quick Look feature, friends are now able to easily place and share AR objects throughout the real world directly through their Safari web browser. Running on Apple’s new ARKit 2 platform, the practical new addition is arguable the most attractive aspect of the iOS 12 update, providing users a whole new way to engage with the real-world.

3D Scanner Pro, an upcoming app from developer Laanlabs, will be one of the first smart phone applications to make use of the exciting technology, providing a quick and easy method for duplicating and sharing real-world objects in augmented reality. 

Utilizing the power of Apple’s ARKit 2 platform, 3D Scanner Pro captures high-quality 3D renders of real-world objects and saves them in a digital format for later use. After pointing the camera at a 3D object and “scanning” it from the necessary angles, you can clean up your new render via an onboard 3D editor. Once you’re satisfied with your digital rendition, feel free to play around with its dimensions and place it anywhere within the real world. 

To ensure that sharing your new creation with the world is as painless as possible, Laanlabs incorporated Apple’s new AR Quick Look functionality. This allows you to convert your 3D asset into a USDZ file which can then be shared with friends and family directly through the Messenger app. The receiver then need only click on the item in the chat and watch as it opens directly in the Safari browser. They too now have the ability to resize the object and move it around their own environment.

“3D Content is becoming more ubiquitous, especially with unique one of kind products,” states the company on their official website. “With 3D Scanner Pro, you can easily create 3D models of objects the your potential customers can then see exactly what its going to look like where they want to put it.”

Whether used as a tool by businesses to assist customers in picking out certain products, or by a group of friends simply trying to rearrange their living room, there’s no limit to the potential of an app such as this. Hopefully the convenience of Apple Quick Look integration will be enough to jump-start a new era in augmented shopping.

3D Scanner Pro is still in Early Access. Those interested in partnering can visit the website.

Image Credit: Laanlabs

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