360 Video Picks for Halloween

Featured 360 Videos from the VRScout Haunted Mansion

This is part two in our Halloween VR series, which started with our horror picks for the HTC Vive.

This time we’re featuring some of the spooky 360 videos we’ll be showcasing at the VRScout Haunted Mansion tomorrow. These creators will be showing off their twisted creations as some of our favorite artists, musicians, and miscreants perform live onstage. No worries if you can’t make it in person. We embedded a few of them below.


Mad God
Phil Tippett & Wevr

A stop-motion animation of delightfully grotesque characters, straight from the wonderfully twisted mind of Academy Award Winning director Phil Tippett. Coming soon to Transport.

Adam Cosco

Knives was nominated for Best Narrative Experience at the 2016 Proto Awards. It’s a surreal drama about a door-to-door knife salesman’s encounter with a Kelsey Frye, a housewife on the edge of a nervous breakdown.

Dark Corner & Here Be Dragons

An immersive journey through an insane asylum in which you’re bound to a wheelchair, undergoing a sensory-shocking horror experience.

Surviving Five Nights at Candy’s
Specular Theory & The Game Theorists

Experience Game Lab’s terrifying Five Night’s At Candy’s VR Experience! Try to survive the night as a security guard at Candy’s Burgers and Fries, as its animatronic occupants come to life. This experience is part of YouTube RED’s 8-episode 360 series, MatPat’s Game Lab.

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension
Light Sail VR

Contacting the dead is never a good idea – unless you record it using a 360-degree camera.

Conjuring 2: Experience Enfield
Warner Bros & Sunny Boy Entertainment

Explore the house in Enfield, the location of England’s most famous haunting and the basis for the story of the Conjuring 2. Viewers are greeted briefly by director James Wan and then plunged into the terrifying home where Ed and Lorraine Warren encountered unimaginable demons. Electronics flicker on and off, crucifixes spin on the wall and anyone or anything could be sneaking up upon you at any moment. You will know quickly that you are an unwelcome guest.

The Strain
Mirada & Headcase VR

The Strain” VR experience follows popular character Vasiliy Fet, a former Ukranian rat exterminator, as he leads viewers on a 360º journey through an abandoned warehouse, all while under constant threat of attack from vampires.

Eye for an Eye

With a nod to 80s adventure horror and steeped in Sunshine Noir, Eye for an Eye: A Séance in VR follows a group of adolescents searching for Calvin, their missing friend. They enlist the services of the neighborhood medium for fear he might be dead, however, their journey takes a turn when a ghost far more sinister is summoned by the séance.

Memos from Hell
Prologue Immersive

A 3D printed 360 stop-motion animated VR film series. Memos from Hell revolves around a graduating class of Tempters – devils trained to harvest their victims’ souls. The narrative puts you in the middle of a heated argument in the depths of Hell.

Let us know some of your favorite scary picks for Halloween. And if you’re in the LA area, come see us at the VRScout Haunted Mansion.

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