Featured 360°: La La Land, Mars Desert Research Station and Colliding Black Holes

Featured 360° is an ongoing series to highlight some of our favorite videos from creators and brands for you to enjoy during the week. For this week’s installment of Featured 360°,  jump inside the colorful world of La La Land, become a part of the Mars Desert Research Team and experience colliding black holes. 

La La Land Medley in VR

It’s exciting to see talented Youtube creators dive into 360° video, pushing the boundaries of storytelling and introducing the medium to entirely new audiences. This is a great example of how a brand new medium can be used for a variety of genres, letting you jump into the colorful and musical world of La La Land with a medley created by  TheSamTsui.

The Possible: Listening To The Universe

“Watch ‘Listening to the Universe’ to get up close and personal with the scientists of LIGO and their thrilling discovery. Then, stay tuned for GE’s “Fighting Fire With Fire.”” 

If you haven’t heard of LIGO before, now is your chance to find out with the new episode of The Possible. Created by Within and produced by Here Be Dragons, with support from GE, the Sloan Foundation and Mashable, the series brings you on a journey of cutting edge science and machinery. Take an insider look at the scientists who created the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) to listen to black holes colliding together millions of light-years away.

Pale Red Dot | Mars Desert Research Station

“Colonizing Mars begins at the Mars Desert Research Station in Hanksville, Utah where simulations are teaching us what it would be like to live on the red planet.”

Follow seven strangers from around the world as they demonstrate what it takes physically and psychologically for humans to live on the red planet. Take an intimate look inside the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah, where the lucky few have been chosen to simulate life on Mars.

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