This 360 App Combines Graphic Design and VR

An experimental project is taking the world of 2D graphic design into a previously unexplored universe — 3D virtual reality. Will VR breathe new life into graphic design?

Singularity, a VR experience for the Oculus Rift and Gear VR by Madrid-based design studio Relajaelcoco, envisions how a “superhuman intelligence” would see a 360-degree setting with graphic design. The app is the first of its kind to explore VR graphic design.

Francesco Furno, co-founder of Relajaelcoco, told VRScout in an email they came up with the idea for Singularity after noticing how current VR apps and games missed the 2D element of traditional graphic design.

“We thought that VR is the perfect technology to give graphic design a new life,” Furno said.

Furno said graphic design is currently “living in a bad moment” with a lack of originality and focus on past ideas or “vintage” styles in recent decades. VR could be the kick it needs to evolve to the next level, he said.

“In this particular moment, we think that designers have the chance to empower the sector through VR and reach new solutions and new ideas. It’s like unlocking the next level,” Furno said. “And it must be real, not just an empty mantra to sell more. We started VR experiences because we truly believe that creativity needs the support of new technologies to go far.”

Today, you can already find many firms offering design services for VR user interfaces — but Relajaelcoco is still investing to bring graphic design into VR. Furno said they’re currently building code and working on developing an app for real-time graphic design in VR.

“VR can change everything and let graphic designers live a new astonishing era,” Furno said.

You can watch the trailer for Singularity below or download the app here for the Oculus Rift or Gear VR.

Image Credit: Relajaelcoco

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