2 Chainz Presents: The ‘Trap House’ VR Experience

Def Jam Recording Artist 2 Chainz Enters World of Virtual Reality With Trap House VR Experience

Multi-platinum, Grammy Award®-winning, Def Jam artist 2 Chainz is entering uncharted territory today with Trap House, an interactive VR experience that combines the worlds of hip-hop and virtual reality to help expand the world of his upcoming album, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music.

Trap House tells the story of 2 Chainz’s life before he became a huge hip-hop star.  But instead of traditional storytelling, his fans can experience his story through a VR experience. And in case you’re not in the know, a trap house is a house owned by drug dealers to run their business.

The VR experience, powered by VRTGO and built by VRLIVE, sends fans into a virtual world with graphics reminiscent of Grand Theft Auto.  The VR experience itself begins with you hanging out in a living room with friends offering you one simple instruction, “turn up the music.” From there you begin exploring your surroundings meeting other characters and interacting with objects as you go from room to room.  As you move throughout the VR experience, you’re rewarded with more snippets of tracks from the upcoming album such as the track “Realize” featuring Nicki Minaj, and the track “Poor Fool” featuring Swae Lee.

The Trap House VR experience is part of a creative multi-tiered marketing campaign being used by Def Jam Recordings to promote 2 Chainz’s new album Pretty Girls Like Trap Music. The idea behind the campaign is to give fans the chance to engage with the artist behind the music. It’s about connecting the artist with the fan, something we wrote about earlier this week with the Viacom Music + VR Fellowship. The campaign also features a Spotify playlist curated by Kevin Durant, Nicki Minaj, Erykah Badu (among others), as well as an apparel collaboration with Trouble Andrew (aka Gucci Ghost).

Trap House is available on the VRTGO app on the Samsung Gear VR. Don’t have a VR headset? No need to worry, 2 Chainz fans will also be able to purchase special edition “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music” VR goggles, which will also come with 4 instant tracks to download.

Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, is available today via Def Jam Records.

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