How This 19-Year-Old Entrepreneur is Bringing VR to The Masses

The exciting new startup seeks to be a global educator and distributor of virtual reality.

Meet Mark Metry, the 19-year-old CEO & founder of VU Dream, an organization whose goal is simple: put a VR headset in every household. The wunderkind aims to make his company a worldwide leader in the education and distribution of virtual reality. Mark spoke with the Huffington Post recently regarding the goals of VU Dream:

“VU Dream strives to inform about the potential of Virtual Reality and provide VR technology at an affordable rate for the entire world,” said Metry in an interview with Matt Holmes on The Huffington Post. “VU Dream will carry a catalog from over a hundred manufacturers. I am personally most excited for this. VU Dream will open an Education Program within one week of launch that will introduce a new approach to redefining learning in schools while making it affordable for students & schools.”

The startup launched Dec. 16, with the Education Program opening to the public Dec. 26. Mark hopes that the initiative will help educate consumers on the benefits of VR that extend beyond video games. From medicine and science to engineering and business, Metry wants to secure the future of VR by ensuring that the world recognizes the endless benefits it could provide.

This is just the kind of forward-thinking leadership the virtual reality industry needs to realize its full potential, rather than getting relegated to a newfangled gaming platform. With such a massive growth in technological advances and popularity this year, 2017 is going to be a vital year in building momentum for the revolutionary new medium—and that comes hand-in-hand with mainstream understanding. Which is why Metry aims to educate people about the technology and making it even easier for them to access it themselves. Hopefully more young VR enthusiasts will follow his lead and develop their own programs for promoting VR awareness.


“As the founder of VU Dream I will lead the company to success,” Metry said. “My job will be to make it a people first company. We will operate with a strong sense of morals and ethics in every aspect of our business. Our goal is to make this world a better place one headset at a time.”

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