100-Year-Old Man Reacts to His First VR Experience

Lyle Becker has lived many lives in his 100 years. He flew C-46 Commando transport planes in WWII, spent a quarter-century as a commercial pilot and flight instructor, later worked as an air traffic controller—and along the way had six children with his wife of 70 years.

But recently, at Intel’s campus in Hillsboro, Oregon, Becker added another big experience to his life: VR. Fortunately for us, Intel filmed the experience so we could see firsthand what a man who has been alive for the entire past century makes of this new technology.

So what did he try after getting strapped into an HTC Vive?

Like many first-timers, he was introduced to Wevr’s theBlu: Encounter, where he swam with jellyfish and sea urchins in the deep ocean. He soared over Florence and Wyoming in Google Earth VR.

And tapping his extensive experience as an aircraft pilot, he put his chops to the test in Aerofly’s FS 2 flight simulator—which he confirmed, “feels like the real thing.”

Suffice to say, the understated Becker was impressed with the possibilities of the new medium.

“That’s amazing,” said Becker in the video. “This evolution of technology is almost mind-blowing.”

He also encouraged creators to work as quickly as they could so that he could try all sorts of new and exciting experiences.

“And of course, I don’t have all that much time to wait,” said Becker. “So get going!”

Watch the full video from Intel here:

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