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Live Your Daytime TV Dreams In ‘The Incredible VR Game Show’

Lights! Camera! VR!

I’ve yet to meet an individual that wasn’t a fan of at least one TV game show series. Maybe it’s the adorable contestants on Wheel Of Fortune or the variety of classic challenges presented in Double Dare. Or maybe it’s just the sheer adrenaline of being spectated, by random strangers and even worse yet, friends and family.

That’s the kind of pressure The Incredible VR Game Show is looking to replicate. Brought to us by indie developer Tantawowa Games, the turn-based local multiplayer VR title skips the audition process and throws users right into the middle of the biggest live game show in the entire metaverse.

Contestants can duke it out over 10 different room scale mini games ranging from matador-style bull wrangling, high-speed rock climbing, archery and even competitive ice cream stacking. Each minigame lasts anywhere from about 60 to 180 seconds and includes a spectator mode for other contestants outside of the headset to enjoy while playing.

That’s the most important aspect of The Incredible VR Game Show: local-multiplayer for VR. While there’s single player as well as solo practice modes available, the game truly shines while friends cheer you on in the background (or if you’re with my crew, boos, jeers and maybe even a few flying objects). Relegating the multiplayer aspect to a turn-based experience keeps the game more accessible, requiring only one headset and PC system no matter the player count.

Of course this isn’t the first VR party game experience to hit the market. Other titles such as 2017’s Loco Dojo and Schlocks are both excellent examples of Mario Party-style experiences for the HTC Vive, but this is one of the first attempts at replicating the excitement of a live game show experience.

Additionally, The Incredible VR Game Show features an interesting sales model. Each of the 10 mini-games present in the VR experience are available individually at $1 (not including any future discount opportunities). This means you have the opportunity to either purchase the show in its entirety, or mix and match your purchases for the ultimate custom competition.

All 10 mini-games for The Incredible VR Game Show are available now for early access on the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows platforms for a limited time price of $5.99. After which the price will return to the standard $9.99.

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