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‘Snatch’ Is Pokemon GO For Free Beer

AR is helping people find free beer because the world is magical.

Augmented reality has yielded some pretty unique use-case scenarios over the past couple years. We’ve seen everything from AR apps capable of translating written languages in real-time projects actually capable of changing the taste of your food. I mean half of the world was out chasing virtual Pokemon in their local parks for months for goodness’ sake! If that isn’t a sign of potential, I don’t know what is.

If you’ve liked what you’ve seen from the technology so far than you are about fall in love even harder thanks to Snatch. You see, Snatch is a treasure hunting app along the lines Pokemon GO, but instead of tracking adorable digital creatures you’re searching for free beer. No, seriously. Free beer.

Part of an engaging new promotional campaign by Dutch beer brand Amstel, participants use the Snatch app’s Google Maps-like napping system to track down and hold onto various ‘parcels’ spread throughout. By clicking on the package and holding onto it for a minimum of six hours (other users can steal it so you have to remain vigilant) you then win a prize from one of the various sponsors including Pizza Hut, Top Shot and Just Eat, to name a few.

For Amstel these prizes include 3 trips to Amsterdam as well as twenty bicycles. Of course the most coveted reward is getting in on the 10,000 free pints of Amstel beer, redeemable at Mitchel & Butler pubs.

“Snatch is about our brands engaging with consumers in a place they’re accepted and welcomed, not interrupting them with advertising,” In said Chief Customer Officer at Snatch Phil Lloyd in a statement. “Combining brand rewards, real-world gaming and AR is fairly new territory but it’s powerful. Snatch will help trigger a call to action to go in-store (or in this case, a pub) and try Amstel. It also associates the brand with winning and will encourage consumers not just to engage but actively hunt down parcels in the hope they’ll be rewarded.”

Currently Amstel Snatch prizes are only available in the UK, however, the company has already announced plans to expand into the US sometime in the near future. You can bet I’ll be waiting eagerly the update.

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