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Complete List of Oculus Rift Games

Oculus just released their complete list of Rift launch games along with pricing and release dates during the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco on Wednesday.

The list includes 30 game titles that will be released at launch on March 28th and another 11 games to be released during Spring or at a later date.

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TitlePriceLaunch Date
Adr1ft$19.99March 28
Adventure Time: Magic Man’s Head Games$4.99March 28
AirMech: Command$39.99March 28
Albino Lullaby$9.99March 28
Audio Arena$9.99March 28
Project CARS$49.99March 28
Chronos$49.99March 28
Darknet$9.99March 28
Dead Secret$14.99March 28
Defense Grid 2 Enhanced$29.99March 28
Dreadhalls$9.99March 28
Elite Dangerous: Deluxe Edition$59.99March 28
Esper 2$9.99March 28
EVE Valkyrie Founder’s Pack$59.99March 28
Fly to KUMA$14.99March 28
EVE Gunjack$9.99March 28
Herobound: Spirit Champion$9.99March 28
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes$14.99March 28
Lucky’s TaleBundledMarch 28
Omega Agent$14.99March 28
Radial G$24.99March 28
Rooms$14.99March 28
Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe VR$9.99March 28
Smashing The Battle$19.99March 28
Vanishing of Ethan CarterNot AnnouncedMarch 28
Vektron Revenge$9.99March 28
VR Tennis Online$24.99March 28
Pinball FX2 VR$14.99March 28
BlazeRushNot AnnouncedMarch 28
Windlands$19.99March 28
The Climb$49.99April
Dead & BuriedNot AnnouncedNot Announced
Fantastic ContraptionNot AnnouncedNot Announced
I Expect You To DieNot AnnouncedNot Announced
Job SimulatorNot AnnouncedNot Announced
Rock Band VRNot AnnouncedNot Announced
VR SportsNot AnnouncedNot Announced
Damaged CoreNot AnnouncedSpring
Dragon FrontNot AnnouncedSpring
Eagle FlightNot AnnouncedFall
Edge of NowhereNot AnnouncedSpring

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