Dragon Front – Oculus Rift

Game Description

Overcome other power-hungry deities in the very first turn-based, virtual reality collectable card game, with cards that come to life as 3D miniatures on the battlefield!

War has destroyed the fantastical world of Terrene Gall leaving only lifeless husks floating in space. In Dragon Front, you represent a deity chosen to travel back in time, not to prevent the war, but to win it. Each warring factions has their own unique technologies, creatures, and strongholds. Use these resources to crush the opposition, gather new soldiers, discover powerful spells, construct mighty fortifications, and call in legendary champions! Only through victory can the world’s destruction be spared and life reborn.

Developed by: High Voltage
Produced by: Oculus Studios
Genre: Collectible Card
Platforms: Oculus Rift
Release Date: Spring 2016
Price: Free-to-Play
Comfort Rating: Comfortable

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