Damaged Core – Oculus Rift

Game Description

Save mankind from extinction and destroy a powerful Artificial Intelligence annihilating everything on the planet in this 360° virtual-reality FPS.

In the near future, man has delegated all the mundane tasks governing society to an Artificial Intelligence technology. It was created, expanded, and essential to life. Then it rebelled.

Damaged Core is a first-person shooter experience exclusively for the Oculus Rift. In a dystopian future mankind is on the brink of extinction following a robotic uprising led by a hostile intelligence known as the Core. The world, once pristine and harmonious, is now seen as nothing more than resources to be tapped. Players take on the role of a uniquely crafted artificial intelligence built by the human resistance as a last hope of salvaging the earth. Strike and fade away swiftly by transferring your consciousness throughout the city’s machines. Stand with the final remnants of man against the endless hordes. Damaged Core: The future is flawed. Rewrite it at its Core.


Designed by: High Voltage
Produced by: Oculus Studios
Genre: FPS
Platforms: Oculus Rift
Release Date: Spring 2016
Price: $39.99
Comfort Rating: Rating Pending
Oculus Rift Exclusive

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