AirMech: Command – Oculus Rift

Game Description

AirMech: COMMAND lets you step into the world of a future battlefield where you command your army from above, or fight alongside them. A unique experience only possible in VR, AirMech: COMMAND is a re-imagining of AirMech’s innovative mix of strategy and action.

Complete missions, earn rewards, and unlock new AirMechs, Units, and customizations as you progress through the game. Play cooperatively with friends, or competitively against opponents around the world. See your friends and opponents while playing with Avatar and voice chat support.


Developed By: Carbon Games
Produced by: Oculus Studios
Genre: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena
Platforms: Oculus Rift
Release Date: March 28 2016
Price: $39.99
Comfort Rating: Comfortable
Oculus Rift Exclusive

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